Our Story

The “B” team doesn’t exist at Blind Society.

Shifting the conversation from what you do to why people should care isn’t exactly a piece of cake. That’s why everyone on our team is what we consider to be a rare breed. They’re equal parts visionary, entrepreneur, rebel, strategist and brand geek. But besides all that, they’re people who get people. That means this isn’t their first rodeo and they know exactly how to push your vision into something brilliantly simple and extremely relatable to capture the hearts of the people that matter most – your brand lovers.

Team Leads

James Clark

Partner / Creative Director

Teri Bockting

Partner / Strategic Director

Shannon Ecke

Design Director

Kari Tuttle

Senior Art Director


Brand Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of how your brand stacks up.

Brand Insight Session

Gain valuable consumer insights via moderated focus groups.

Brand Discovery

Uncovering the soul of your brand and reason why you exist.

Brand Naming

Strategic product, company and brand names from mild to wild.

Brand Identity

Translating your brand story into a unique and lasting logo.

Brand Website

Bringing your brand to life digitally with an engaging experience.

Brand Visualization

Creating a visual vibe through your most important touchpoints.

Brand Start-Up

A complete package designed for fresh brands who need it all.

Interested in one or more of these services?