Building the Four Peaks Brewery Brand

Four Peaks is Arizona’s favorite craft brewery that lives and breathes a culture of delicious local brews and food. The founders, who helped define craft beer in the Southwest, came to restaurant branding agency Blind Society to bring their unique, in-brewery culture and experience to life in the digital space.

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Here’s to a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2018!

Life is good when you work with a bunch of people that are cool enough to hang out with after work. The Blind Society team celebrated an incredible 2017 with dinner, a gift exchange and a weeklong holiday. We wish you the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous 2018. Happy everything from the best Phoenix creative…

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Uncovering The Soul of Your Brand

What does your brand stand for? What’s your brand positioning? Your brand promise? How are you different than your competition, beyond features and benefits? How are you going to change the world? These are the types of questions we help entrepreneurs and companies tackle during our Brand Discovery phase, and exactly what we’re doing here.…

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Blind Society, Branding, Baseball & Beers.

Ahh, Alliteration: the low-hanging fruit of creative writing 😉 Blind Society’s Phoenix-based team members turned on their OOTO messages to spend a Friday in the sunshine enjoying one of the Valley’s favorite pastimes- MLB Spring Training. Big believers in the old “work hard, play harder” mentality, good times were had by everyone at our branding and creative agency.…

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Best Podcasts | Teri’s #trypod Round Up

Do you listen to podcasts? Blind Society's partner and strategic director is obsessed. So many of Teri's sentences start with, "so I was listening to this podcast..." Well this month, podcasters are encouraging loyal listeners to share their love with others - #trypod. So here's Teri's podcast round-up, some new and some old favorites. Tip:… Read More

The James Clark Brand | Magazine Style Feature

This month’s issue of So Scottsdale Magazine features our very own James Clark. Selected to be the March 2017 Style Feature, Blind Society’s founding partner and creative director, James talks about how his style is a reflection of his personal brand. “Brands are an extension of who we are and what we believe in. So…

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Brand Video Storytelling: Dogtopia

With Dogtopia’s brand evolution came the company’s new Brand Manifesto written by Blind Society’s Creative Director James Clark. A Brand Manifesto is a company’s emotional rallying cry and there’s no better way to bring it to life than through music and video storytelling. So together with a Detroit-based production team led by Scott Dodoro, we spent…

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