PEAK Hydrate Case Study : A look at how Blind Society branded the next big natural performance beverage

The agency team at Blind Society is incredibly well-versed in health and wellness, both personally and professionally, so when a client can introduce us to a new, all-natural and nutritious product to boost our daily regimen, we’re all in. And that’s exactly what happened when we partnered with the team behind PEAK Hydrate, an all-natural,…

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Eilo’s | creating a “real fun food” brand

This project had the recipe for awesomeness and will forever rank as one of Blind Society's most favorite branding assignments. It all started with a call from a passionate, laid-back Laguna Beach-based resident who wanted to create super healthy food brand rooted in Paleo philosophy. Having personally seen the positive impact of delicious, whole foods… Read More

Dr. Roz, N.M.D. | A Health & Wellness Brand Start Up

In the crowded health and wellness landscape of Arizona, Dr. Roz, N.M.D. turned to Phoenix branding agency, Blind Society, for a Brand Start-Up Package to craft a brand that could cut through the Scottsdale clutter. With a focus on health and wellness branding, Blind Society, hit the ground running with an immersive Brand Discovery session to take a deep dive into Dr. Roz’s heart and soul, practice, and ideal customer base.

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Uncovering The Soul of Your Brand

What does your brand stand for? What’s your brand positioning? Your brand promise? How are you different than your competition, beyond features and benefits? How are you going to change the world? These are the types of questions we help entrepreneurs and companies tackle during our Brand Discovery phase, and exactly what we’re doing here.…

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Blind Society & GRUBSTAK, A New Fast-Casual Restaurant Brand

Diners crave customization, extending beyond personalization of their meal, but also customization of what foods fit in their lifestyle or diet de jour. Finding the balance between a range of options and a sense of being overwhelmed with choices is the sweet spot – offering ingredients to suit carnivores, herbivores and every palette in between is…

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