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Blind Society Creatively Grabs the Attention of Franchise Entreprenuers Mid Scroll

Getting people to stop, look and watch something online is getting more challenging by the day. But if you’re up for the challenge, and have a solid plan, the reward is great.

Understanding that video is the communication tool of today, Dogtopia, one of the nation’s leading franchises enlisted Phoenix creative agency Blind Society to help them use video to grab the attention of qualified potential franchisee leads.

Always up for a good challenge, our team said yes.

Starting with persona work, we got into the mindset of the people we were trying to appeal to. The commonality was that our target personas have an entrepreneurial mindset and likely watch business-focused pitch shows.

With that insight as our foudnation, Blind Society’s creative team concepted and scripted “Bark Tank” – the greatest franchise pitch ever. But will the judges love it?

Curious how it all ends? Take a look.

Client: Dogtopia
Concept: Blind Society, A Brand Love Agency
Production: True Story Films
Editing: Copper Post