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Blind Society & GRUBSTAK, A New Fast-Casual Restaurant Brand

Diners crave customization, extending beyond personalization of their meal, but also customization of what foods fit in their lifestyle or diet de jour. Finding the balance between a range of options and a sense of being overwhelmed with choices is the sweet spot – offering ingredients to suit carnivores, herbivores and every palette in between is vital.

Enter GRUBSTAK, a new fast-casual restaurant concept in Gilbert, Arizona where you “stak” up tasty ingredients to create a unique meal, be it healthy or indulgent. Starting with waffle fries, root vegetables or greens, you can then add your choice of protein, toppings and sauces.

But before GRUBSTAK was a reality, founder Colton Grubb, tapped branding and design agency Blind Society to help bring his vision to life. Using Blind Society’s Brand Start Up Package and Brand Insight Sessions (focus groups), the agency helped another restaurant entrepreneur turn their awesome idea into a delicious reality.

Phase 01: Brand Discovery (Consumer Insights, Competitive Landscape, Positioning, Promise & Manifesto)

Starting with a tremendous amount of industry, competitor and consumer research, Blind Society’s strategy team uncovered the insights that ultimately led to the brand’s positioning, promise and manifesto.

No matter what they say, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. And we say that one STAK doesn’t fit all either.  That’s why at GRUBSTAK, you customize your own craveable creation from a selection of “STAK-ons” that are unique and flavorful. There are endless combinations to fit your craving de jour— like savory short rib or heirloom cherry tomatoes, just to name a few. Love breakfast and dinner? How about “brinner”? Get it? Just know that when your hunger strikes, we’ve got your back for a quick snack attack, happy hour with friends or a nocturnal nosh.

Phase 02: Brand Invention (Logo Design and Color Palette)

Following the Brand Discovery phase, the client had their brand name, so it was time to bring the GRUBSTAK logo to life. By looking at at the fast-casual space, we knew that we had to steer away from red and yellow to really stand out from the competitive clutter. And beyond just living online or in print, we know a restaurant logo needs to function well on the side of a building.

Phase 03: Brand Visualization

A brand is so much more than a logo, so it was time to bring the GRUBSTAK brand personality to life through custom photography, visual design and copywriting. Blind Society led the design and development of the fast-casual brand’s website, custom graphics, business cards, in-store menus, custom photography and more.

We’re thrilled for you and can’t wait to see GRUBSTAK turn into a major success.
Readers – be sure to head to Gilbert, Arizona and try out the stak-able goodness for yourself!

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