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Blind Society wins SEED SPOT “Presenter of the Year” award

Having been built by entrepreneurs, the team here at Blind Society, a branding agency in Scottsdale, is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and helping their brand love grow.

This year, Blind Society connected with SEED SPOT, an amazing incubator in Phoenix that’s doing great things for entrepreneurs with socially conscious business ideas, and offered to host Brand Discovery Workshops for the ventures. The Brand Discovery Workshop takes attendees through Blind Society’s Brand Discovery process to help them define their brand positioning and create their brand’s blueprint for everything ahead. We’ve had such a great time hosting the workshops, and apparently the feeling is mutual.

During SEED SPOT’s big event — #demoday2014 — Blind Society was recognized as “Speaker of the Year” and we couldn’t be more honored or thrilled! A special shout out to our Creative Director James Clark for hosting the awesome Brand Discovery Workshops. 

Congrats to each of this year’s SEED SPOT ventures — you absolutely crushed it at demo day. We’ll be watching as you change the world.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for help getting your brand off the ground — everything from research and positioning to brand invention (naming and logo) to brand visualization and website design — Blind Society’s Brand Start-Up Packages may be the perfect opportunity for you. Because first impressions matter, perception can be critical for early-stage companies looking to grab the attention of investors and consumers alike. Blind Society’s Brand Start Up Packages provide all the essentials for building your brand strategically from the start.