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gLOVE Treat : Packaging Design by Blind Society

Paraffin Wax treatments are a long-time favorite in the beauty and salon industry, but the treatments tend to be extremely messy and unsanitary. The makers of gLOVE Treat revolutionized the paraffin process by engineering easy to use glove and boot encased wax treatments that were perfect for at-home use.

gLOVE Treat turned to lifestyle and consumer branding agency, Blind Society, to breathe a new visual life into their product packaging design so they could stand out on any retailer’s shelf. Our key design challenge was to quickly and clearly educate consumers about the unique product. With this as our focus, our design team leaned on great creative and copywriting to quickly and easily explain the new process.

The creative team at Phoenix-based Blind Society developed an ownable icon set to clarify the treatment so it was easier to understand at a quick glance. We introduced a new, luxurious color palette with metallic gold accents to help the product appear more premium, and used the box as a medium for storytelling instead of being just a functional package.

Consumer Product Packaging Design Agency
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Consumer Product Packaging Design Agency