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PEAK Hydrate Case Study : A look at how Blind Society branded the next big natural performance beverage

The agency team at Blind Society is incredibly well-versed in health and wellness, both personally and professionally, so when a client can introduce us to a new, all-natural and nutritious product to boost our daily regimen, we’re all in.

And that’s exactly what happened when we partnered with the team behind PEAK Hydrate, an all-natural, no sugar, no calorie, no caffeine, no carb, ionic mineral beverage.

The PEAK team knew they had something special with the formula and flavors, but needed major help to bring the brand to life and get it ready for the rest of the world. So they turned to health and wellness branding agency Blind Society.

Our Scottsdale branding agency started right away with a full Brand Discovery, starting with a competitor assessment to understand the industry landscape that PEAK Hydrate would be playing in.

Just one aspect of a Brand Discovery, the competitor assessments were coupled with target persona development, consumer insights and in-depth research into the body benefits of ionic minerals. And out of that work, Blind Society crafted PEAK Hydrates brand’s positioning, promise, key benefit messages and brand manifesto.

With the brand’s foundation built, the CPG branding experts at Blind Society got to work to develop PEAK Hydrate’s visual identity including a new brand logo, color palette, and packaging design.

Understanding how competitive the beverage industry is and how distracted today’s consumers are, the creative team at Blind Society knew they needed to do something special to stand out in the grocery aisle and to stop people mid-scroll. To do so, the Phoenix branding agency brought each of PEAK Hydrates four signature flavors to life with commissioned, custom illustrations to spotlight their flavor profiles and unique body-boosting benefits in a fun and whimsical way. Blind Society’s very own James Clark designed the Ionic world for Berry Boost and Associate Creative Director Kari Tuttle brought the whimsical watermelon world to life for Melon Boost.

A tremendous hit with industry buyers and consumers alike, PEAK Hydrate was off to the races as Blind Society helped with a full Brand Visualization including custom brand photography, merchandise, web design and more.

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PEAK Hydrate brand case study

Want more PEAK? Good news is that it’s available online at and also on And if you’re lucky enough to live in Southern California you can buy PEAK at your local Bristol Farms.


When you’re ready to take your consumer product or brand to the next level, the team at Blind Society will be here for you!