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Best Podcasts | Teri’s #trypod Round Up

Do you listen to podcasts? Blind Society’s partner and strategic director is obsessed.

So many of Teri’s sentences start with, “so I was listening to this podcast…”

Well this month, podcasters are encouraging loyal listeners to share their love with others – #trypod. So here’s Teri’s podcast round-up, some new and some old favorites.

Tip: Download the free Overcast app on your iPhone and use that to search, subscribe & listen.

HOW I BUILT THIS: NPR takes us behind-the-scenes with founders of big brands.

THIS AMERICAN LIFE: a longtime NPR podcast must. relevant & insightful daily life.

START UP: an unfiltered look at the highs, lows and real life of entrepreneurship. 

DEATH, SEX & MONEY: anna sale has a knack for juicy topics and interviews.

REPLY ALL: a favorite. interesting and odd stories that are all rooted on the internet.

MISSING RICHARD SIMMONS: currently trending & so fascinating! where is he?! 

SCIENCE VS.: each episode challenges assumptions and popular opinions with facts & science.

STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW: dorky hosts, but great info on almost anything you can think of.

MAKING OPRAH: loved this NPR mini-series about Oprah’s rise, her empire and exit.


Happy Listening!