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Award-Winning Brand Video Production & Storytelling

If you’re like most brands, you’ve got a lot to say. You’ve got a whole slew of features, benefits and reasons why people should care about your brand. And we don’t doubt they’re true. But the key? Figuring out what to say, and how to say it, so that you actually grab the attention of today’s distracted audience.

That’s where a branding and creative agency like Blind Society can help.

For our client, High Street, an urban lifestyle district in North Phoenix that offers such a large range of options for shops, restaurants, lifestyle and nightlife, the challenge was to quickly and effectively communicate the destination’s unique offerings.

So following Blind Society’s Brand Insight Sessions (focus groups) and consumer research, together with our client, we decided that an ownable brand video would be the ideal medium for High Street.

Blind Society concepted, scripted and presented the client with two unique video concepts, and after falling in love with both, High Street decided to produce one for their local audience and one aimed at tourists. Together with our production partner, Crown Chimp Productions, we produced two 60-second spots.

“You Are Many Things” speaks to Arizona’s thriving tourist population to give them a taste of everything they can find at High Street. This spot was the winner of three AAFT ADDY Awards for editing, cinematography and branded content.


“Because You Can,” the more edgy of the two spots, aimed at locals who are looking for an exciting, fresh, urban night out on the town.


Use of video, music and moving imagery is undoubtedly one of the best ways to communicate your brand’s story today. But video production can come with a hefty investment. Before you dive into the world of video production, take the time to sit down with a strategic partner to talk through the concept, script and best approach.