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A New Look at the Eyewear Industry: A Brand Start Up Case Study

Eyewear and optics has a reputation for being one of the most inflated industries out there. The middle man mark-ups result in crazy high retail prices, which is why brands like Warby Parker have had tremendous success by simply providing consumers with stylish eyewear that doesn’t break the bank.

But what about the actual quality of these affordable glasses and lenses? Is it there? After all, this is your eyesight.

Based on that notion, the founders of GSRX, an optical lens technology company decided it was time to further disrupt the optical industry by offering people the absolute highest quality lens and stylish frames.

They have the technological prowess and a passion to change the industry, but the GSRX team wasn’t quite sure where to go next. So they turned to lifestyle branding agency, Blind Society, for a Brand Start Up Package and we got to work.

Phase 01: Brand Discovery

Starting with a tremendous amount of industry, competitor and consumer research, Blind Society’s strategy team uncovered the insights that ultimately led to the brand’s positioning, promise and mantra.

Great vision isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. What’s not necessary is pricing them like a luxury. And what exactly are the major differences between our glasses and the fancy ones that cost eight times more? Mark-ups, middlemen and massive margins from companies who see profit before people. Call us crazy, but that just didn’t look right to us. At Proper Optics, we make what we call genuinely good glasses. That means they’re uncompromising in their performance while being genuine in what they really should cost.


Phase 02: Brand Naming

With the Brand Discovery as our roadmap, Blind Society dove headfirst into the Brand Naming process, one of the more challenging, but most exciting, phases of the Brand Start Up Package.

By using Blind Society’s tried-and-true brand naming process, we presented a handful of solid options and the unanimous winner was Proper Optics. Proper meanings include doing something the correct way, always. The act of being genuine, real and true. The name exudes a vibe of being classic, refined and experience. It’s a word that appeals to multiple generations yet maintains a hip and chic vibe.


Phase 03: Brand Invention (Logo Design)

Following the Brand Naming phase, it was time to bring the Proper Optics logo, icon and color palette to life. With a keen understanding of the industry norms, we were conscious to create a logo that would distinguish Proper Optics from the competitive clutter and resonate with their best customers.



Phase 04: Brand Visualization

To close out this Brand Start Up Package, we worked with the client to identify Proper Optics’ key branded and collateral materials. With that list in mind, the Blind Society did a series of firsthand visits to local optical stores to design a brand vibe that would stand out among the competition in cluttered optical spaces.


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Have a fantastic idea for a brand but don’t know where to go next?

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