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Eilo’s | creating a “real fun food” brand

This project had the recipe for awesomeness and will forever rank as one of Blind Society’s most favorite branding assignments.

It all started with a call from a passionate, laid-back Laguna Beach-based resident who wanted to create super healthy food brand rooted in Paleo philosophy. Having personally seen the positive impact of delicious, whole foods for herself and her family, Aileen was ready to spread the goodness.

And the best part? She wanted to have FUN with it and show that healthy living could be filled with personality and actually make your life better (not boring)!

Restaurant branding agency Blind Society dove headfirst into this restaurant branding project with a full Brand Start-Up Package.

Using Blind Society’s Brand Discovery process, we landed on the restaurant’s brand positioning, “Real Fun Food to Feed Your Amazingness” which became the foundation for everything we did moving forward.

The founder came to us with a name, but Blind Society created the restaurant logo by taking a fun spin on the idea of “you are what you eat” and created a custom “dancing radish man” character living his best life, which ultimately became a full family cast of characters.

From there, the rest of the brand identity came to life. Using bright colors inspired by the bold, rich colors of fresh produce, Blind Society created custom illustrations and fun phrases for the brand to use, along with helping them ownable language such as “micro-sourcing,” to talk about their hyper-local approach to food sourcing.

The visual efforts spanned from Brand Identity, Website Design & Development and a Custom Environmental Design for their commercial kitchen on wheels – a rad Airstream that serves up amazingness throughout Southern California.

Like many Blind Society projects, we’re now a longterm partner of the brand and continue to help with any branding and creative needs to help Eilo’s succeed.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Southern California look out for Eilo’s!