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Consumer Company Rebrand : Pro Armor Before & After

At some point, every brand will need a refresh. A rebranding. An evolution. Sometimes it’s simply cleaning up a visual vibe that’s become dated, stale or inconsistent. But sometimes it’s deeper than what the eye can see. It’s aligning, or realigning, a company’s core values and what it stands for.

Pro Armor by Polaris tapped lifestyle branding agency Blind Society to help with its rebrand.

The Client: Pro Armor, accessories to personalize off-road vehicles
The Challenge: How do you create a unified brand story that appeals to a wide range of customers? From the sand dunes of California to the muddy swamps of Florida and the East Coast forests?
The Solution: Blind Society took Pro Armor through a full brand evolution. Starting with focus groups and persona research to a new strategic brand positioning that ultimately led to a new brand identity.




Using key insights gathered in focus groups and consumer research, our brand strategy team realized that off-roading was so much more than just the vehicle and terrain. It’s about the escape and the stories shared with others after the ride. And the personalization of your off-road vehicle added to your personal story… Every Ride Has A Story.



Is your company in need of a rebrand?