Consumer Company Rebrand : Pro Armor Before & After

At some point, every brand will need a refresh. A rebranding. An evolution. Sometimes it's simply cleaning up a visual vibe that's become dated, stale or inconsistent. But sometimes it's deeper than what the eye can see. It's aligning, or realigning, a company's core values and what it stands for. Pro Armor by Polaris tapped… Read More

Print Ad Campaign – Dogtopia’s “Most Exciting Day Ever”

After a successful internal rollout of their rebrand (more here), Dogtopia, North America's leading dog daycare franchise, was ready for a consumer marketing campaign. Dogtopia turned to franchise branding agency Blind Society to spotlight the brand's tagline, "It's The Most Exciting Day Ever" through a multi-channel marketing campaign. The Phoenix-based creative agency started with traditional… Read More

Building the Four Peaks Brewery Brand

Four Peaks is Arizona’s favorite craft brewery that lives and breathes a culture of delicious local brews and food. The founders, who helped define craft beer in the Southwest, came to restaurant branding agency Blind Society to bring their unique, in-brewery culture and experience to life in the digital space.

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Here’s to a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2018!

Life is good when you work with a bunch of people that are cool enough to hang out with after work. The Blind Society team celebrated an incredible 2017 with dinner, a gift exchange and a weeklong holiday. We wish you the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous 2018. Happy everything from the best Phoenix creative…

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Dr. Roz, N.M.D. | A Health & Wellness Brand Start Up

In the crowded health and wellness landscape of Arizona, Dr. Roz, N.M.D. turned to Phoenix branding agency, Blind Society, for a Brand Start-Up Package to craft a brand that could cut through the Scottsdale clutter. With a focus on health and wellness branding, Blind Society, hit the ground running with an immersive Brand Discovery session to take a deep dive into Dr. Roz’s heart and soul, practice, and ideal customer base.

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Blind Society California Summer Vacay

Well, not really a vacation. But our brand love team did trade the Arizona heat for a few summery days in Southern California. For three jam-packed days, the Blind Society team explored Los Angeles, soaked up the California sunshine, its creative inspiration, and most importantly, we took time to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate our team’s successes.

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Uncovering The Soul of Your Brand

What does your brand stand for? What’s your brand positioning? Your brand promise? How are you different than your competition, beyond features and benefits? How are you going to change the world? These are the types of questions we help entrepreneurs and companies tackle during our Brand Discovery phase, and exactly what we’re doing here.…

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